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How to Crochet an I Cord Handle for Handbags

How to Crochet an I Cord Handle for Handbags
By: Annoo Crochet DesignsVideo Link: click here

 Skill level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
You will need:
Worsted weight yarn or Macrame Spaghetti Yarn Crochet hook 4mm/G and 4.5mm/7
Tapestry needle

Wood Rings 4

Stitches Used:
Sc: single crochet Ch: chain
BLO: Back loop only FLO: Front loop only

With your yarn and 4.5mm hook, take 1 ring and join your yarn, you will make 5 sc around the ring.
You will now switch to your 4mm hook,
Round 1: ch1 in the BLO sc in each of the 5 sc, ch3, turn your work
Round 2: Working in the BLO, sc in the first st (joining your ch to work in the round), sc in each st around BLO, 8 st place a st marker to mark the end and beginning of each new round.
Round 3: sc in 3rd loop of your st from the previous round, you will not crochet in the BLO now but in the 3rd loop of the st, sc like that all around. ​​8st make sure to carry up your st marker as you go.
Round 4-to your desired length: repeat Round 3.
Once you reach your desired length you will now begin the steps to attach the 2nd ring. 
Round 1: sc in the BLO of each st, 8stRound 2: ch1, turn your work, sc in each of the next 5 st FLO, 5st Turn your work.
Round 3: Grab your ring and you will now attach it by sc through the st and the ring you will work like that for the next 4 st. Fasten off and sew in all loose tails. Repeat for your Second handle, making sure to make it the same length as the first one.
That’s it you are now ready to attach your handles to your bag.
Written Pattern Translated from Youtube by Michaela Greaves 

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo

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