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Easy Crochet Ombre Handbag

Easy Crochet Ombre Handbag

By: Annoo Crochet Designs
Video Link:click here
Skill level: Intermediate
Gauge: Approximately 12 rows of the pattern by 12 st= 4 inches
Finished Size: About 16 inches tall by 13 inches wide
You will need:
Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton yarn (dk weight #3) Color: 2 skeins in (3718) Natural
1 Skein in (3835) White Asparagus 1 skein in (3834) Reed
1 Skein in (3801) Silver
1 Skein in (3729) Gray
Fiber: 100% Pima Cotton
Ball weight: 100g/220yds Crochet hooks 2.75mm/C, 3.25mm/D Scissors
Tapestry needle
Leather for the bottom
Leather Punch
Compass to mark the leather
Ruler and Marker

Handles click here
2 D rings click here
Stitches Used:
Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
Dc: double crochet
Sl st: slip stitch
St: stitch
V stitch: dc, ch1, dc in the same space

With your compass and your leather (on the side that will be the inside of your Bag) you will mark a 13 inch circle. Once you have the circle marked out you will then cut out your circle.

Once your circle is cut you will now take your ruler and marker and mark every 1⁄2 inch or so, making sure that you have a multiple of 3 dots around the leather circle.
With your Leather punch you will punch out your dots about 1⁄2 inch in from the edge.

Body of the Bag:
Now you will work the body of the bag with your main color yarn (natural).
Round 1: Take your smaller hook and yarn and put it in one of the holes on your leather circle, wrap your yarn around your hook and pass the yarn through the hole, make a ch, in the next hole you will make a sc, repeat that around for each hole make a sc in each hole, making sure that you dont make your sc too tight, sl st with the first sc you made.
Round 2: (switch to larger hook) ch1, sc in the same st, *ch2, sk 2 st, sc in the 3rd * repeat from *to* around ending with a ch2, sl st with the first sc you made.
Grab your next color for your bag (White Asparagus)
Round 3: Join your color (Do not fasten off the Cream Color you will pick up again in the next round), *in the ch2 sp make 3dc in it, ch1* repeat from *to* around sl st with the first dc, join your Cream yarn leaving the (White Asparagus) in the back of your work you will pick it up in the next round.
Round 4: you will be working in the sc from Round 2

In that first sc from Round 2 you will make (dc, ch1, dc)

*Find the next sc from round 2 make a V stitch (dc, ch1, dc)* repeat from *to* around, sl st with the top of the first dc.
Round 5: picking up your (White Asparagus) yarn again, sl st in the first ch1 sp of the V stitch from Round 4, ch3(counts as first dc), make 2 more dc in the same sp, ch1, *in next ch1 sp of the V stitch make 3dc, ch1* repeat *to* around sl st with the first dc.
Round 6: Drop the White Asparagus yarn and pick up the Cream yarn, you will now work your new stitches into the space between the V stitches of Round 4

In that space you will make a V stitch (dc, ch1, dc), you will repeat that all around making a V stitch in the space between V stitches from Round 4, sl st with the first dc.
Rounds 7-14: You will repeat Rounds 5 and 6
At the end of Round 14 fasten off the White Asparagus yarn, keeping the Cream color attached, you will

use this throughout the bag.
For the next section you will Join your Reed color yarn and continue in pattern.
Rounds 15-26: Repeat Rounds 5 and 6, at the end of Round 26 fasten off the Reed yarn.
You will now Join your Silver yarn and continue in pattern again as follows:
Rounds 27-38: Repeat Rounds 5 and 6, at the end of Round 38 fasten off the Silver yarn.
You will now join your last color Gray and continue in pattern:
Rounds 39-50: Repeat Rounds 5 and 6, You will end your bag with a round of Cream V stitches. At the end of Round 50 fasten off the Gray and Cream yarn and hide all loose tails.
Adding the Hardware:
Fold your bag in half and at the 2 last rows of your Silver yarn you will attach your D rings. You can sew them or Crochet them on like I have.

With your Silver yarn and larger hook, you will pass your hook through the stitch of the bag then under the D ring, grab the yarn with the hook, and draw through the stitch, you will then ch1, remember to work around the st and the Ring, make 2 sc in each st from Rounds 36-38, once you have about 12 st you are going to fasten off.

Sew in all the loose tails in the back of your work. Repeat this again for the other D ring on the other side of your bag.
You can now line your bag, I had my amazing mother in law line mine, she put something stiff at the bottom, and put the fabric up to the last Round of the Silver color. Its best to have it lined as things can fall out of our crochet projects. Of course, if you cant line yours, use cosmetic bags with zippers to hold your little items.
Attach the Leather Drawstring Tassel:
Pass one end through your bag about every 2 V stitches at the Rounds where the Gray and Silver meet. Attach the tassel, add your Straps and you are done with your Beautiful Bag.
Written Pattern Translated from Youtube by Michaela Greaves 

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo

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