Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Spring Cardigan Crochet Pattern

By AnnooCrochet Designs

I created this lovely Cardigan for my Daughter, The video Tutorial is on My YouTube Channel,Click  HERE to watch it,  but here are some info to be able to change and adapt it to different sizes as well.

For a size 7-8 years old

My Base ch is 160
the arm openings are 10 stitches left on each side of the front parts of your cardigan

Both of the front parts begin with 35 st, and you decrease one st each of the first 3 rows on the collar side
Leaving you with 32 stitches to assemble at the top to create the shoulder seam

The back has 70 st in total

To find the right size for you:

Take the Granny, and figure out how many grannies you will need to fit around your hips. That is the  most important part, so take your time!!!
They are each 16 st wide, so In my case I needed 10 of them, therefor my base stitch count was 160.

You take your base stitch in (my case 160), minus the arm opening:( in my case 10 st each)

 I am left with 140 st.

I divide 140 by 2: and I have the count of st for my back (in my case 70 st)

The front panels are going to be 70 divided by 2:  so 35 st

You will decrease 3 stitches on each panel side for the V neck collar

and voila for the rest watch the Video Tutorial

when you add your front and back panel, your back and the st sp you left for your armhole, the total of stitches should be equal to your base count ch at the beginning!

Happy Crochet!!!

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