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Luna's Recycled T-shirt Yarn Home

Luna's Recycled T-shirt Yarn Home

By AnnooCrochet Designs

I looove upcycling all the old t-shirts in my household, and turning them into all new items that are used on a daily basis.
Here is a tutorial to create a lovely home for your favorite pet.
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did while creating it.

How to make t-shirt yarn tutorial Click Here

Difficulty: beginner to Intermediate.

You will need:

Crochet hook 6:00 mm
Recycled T-shirt yarn
Plastic Canvas to support the sides/walls
Tapestry needle

Stitches used:

ch: chain
sl st: slip stitch
sc: single crochet


Pod's Base:

in a Magic circle,
Round 1: 6sc

Round 2: 2sc all around (12sc)
Round 3:[ sc, 2sc] all around (18sc)
Round 4:[ 2sc, 2sc] all around (24sc)
Round 5:[ 3sc, 2sc] all around (30sc)
Round 6:[ 4sc, 2sc] all around (36sc)
Round 7:[ 5sc, 2sc] all around (42sc)
Keep changing color adding more new t-shirt yarn
Round 8:[ 6sc, 2sc] all around (48sc)

Round 9:[ 7sc, 2sc] all around (54sc)
Round 10:[ 8sc, 2sc] all around (60sc)
Round11 :[ 9sc, 2sc] all around (66sc)
Round12 :[ 10sc, 2sc] all around (72sc)
Round13 :[ 11sc, 2sc] all around (78sc)
Round14 :[ 12sc, 2sc] all around (84sc)
Round15 :[ 13sc, 2sc] all around (90sc)
Round16 :[ 14sc, 2sc] all around (96sc)
Round17 :[ 15sc, 2sc] all around (102sc)
Round18 :[ 16sc, 2sc] all around (108sc)
Round19 :[ 17sc, 2sc] all around (114sc)
Round20 :[ 18sc, 2sc] all around (120sc)
Round21 :[ 19sc, 2sc] all around (126sc)
Round22 :[ 20sc, 2sc] all around (132sc)
Round23 :[ 21sc, 2sc] all around (138sc)
Round24 :[ 22sc, 2sc] all around (144sc)
Round25 :[ 22sc, 2sc] all around (150sc)
Round26 :[ 23sc, 2sc] all around (156sc)
Round27 :[ 24sc, 2sc] all around (162sc)


Round 28: In back loop only. sc all around (162 sc)

From now on you will not be working in the round anymore
Row 1: turn, ch, sc all along, but stop, leaving the last 16 stitches alone, turn
you are creating the Pod's door.

Row2-13: sc all along (146 sc), turn

Row 14: [22 sc, sc2tog] 6times  (140 sc)
Row 15: sc all along (140 sc)
Row 16: [21 sc sc2tog] 6 times (134 sc)
Row 17-18 : sc all along (134sc)
Row 19: [20 sc sc2tog] 6 times (128 sc) 

Here is Maggie checking her friend Luna's new cribb..;-)))

AND when you reach the end of the row DO NOT TURN, ch10, sc in first st at opposite side of opening, and from now on you will be working in the round again

Round 20:  [19 sc sc2tog] 6 times (122 sc) 
Luna decided to rest in the unfinished Pod...I think she has adopted her new home already...;-)
Round 21: sc all around (122sc)
Round 22: [18 sc sc2tog] 6 times (116 sc) 
Round 23: [17 sc sc2tog] 6 times (110 sc) 

Round 24: [16 sc sc2tog] 6 times (104 sc) 

Cut the plastic Canvas to match the size of your pod's walls.

Place them inside, and sew them to the walls of your pod with matching colors cotton yarn and a tapestry needle.

Round 25:  [15 sc sc2tog] 6 times (98 sc) 

Round 26:[14 sc sc2tog] 6 times (92 sc) 
Round 27: [13 sc sc2tog] 6 times (86 sc)
Round 28:[12 sc sc2tog] 6 times (80 sc)

Round 29: [11 sc sc2tog] 6 times (74 sc)
Round 30: [10 sc sc2tog] 6 times (68 sc)

Round 31: [9 sc sc2tog] 6 times (60 sc)
Round 30: [8 sc sc2tog] 6 times (54 sc)
Round 31: [7 sc sc2tog] 6 times (48 sc)
Round 32: [6 sc sc2tog] 6 times (42 sc)
Round 33: [5 sc sc2tog] 6 times (36 sc)
Round 34: [4 sc sc2tog] 6 times (30 sc)
Round 35: [3 sc sc2tog] 6 times (24 sc)
Round 36: [2 sc sc2tog] 6 times (18 sc)
Round 37: [ sc sc2tog] 6 times (12 sc)
Round 38 sc2tog all around Fasten off.

Sew all loose tails in, and sl st at the bottom right of lil door opening.
Round 1:Pick up sc all around the opening, while sc2tog every 8th st.

Round 2 : sc all around

Fasten off, you are done!!!
Please mention me, the source, if you find yourself in a sharing mood ;-)))

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo


  1. Super projekt:) kotek ma świetne mieszkanko;)

  2. Witam
    bardzo mi się spodobał ten pomysł. Ja też przeznaczę swoje stare koszulki na przydatną rzecz. Może tez dla mojego pupila.


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