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Father's Day Free Crochet Tutorial Minion Golf Club Cover

Father's Day Free Crochet Tutorial Minion Golf Club Cover

By AnnooCrochet Designs

Happy Father's  Day to all the Great Dad's out there!!! Here is to not getting a tie!!!!!

You will need:

Hook 3.25mm
One rowan yarnPure wool Dk008(blue)
Two rowan yarn Pure Wool DK032(yellow)
One Berroco Comfort white 9702
One Berroco Comfort Grey 9729
One Berroco Comfort Black 

Tapestry Needle

Stitches used:

ch: chain
sk st: skip a titch
sl st: slip a stitch
sc; single crochet
fpdc: front post double crochet
bpdc: back post double crochet
hdc: half double crochet



With Blue yarn: ch 43
Dc in 3rd ch from hook

39 dc, turn

Row2: ch3
fpdc all along, turn

Row 3: ch3,
Bpdc all along, turn

Row 4-25: repeat rows 2 and 3


Switch to Yellow Yarn
Row 1: sc [sc. 2sc in next st] all around (80sc)

Do Not turn, you will be working in the round from now on, 
Round 2-34: sc all around (80sc)

Turn your work upside down, with your tapestry needle, sew along the shaft

Turn it back to its right side, and
Round 35: place a colorful piece of yarn, to help remember where your round begins, [4sc, 2sctog] all around (66sc)

Round 36: [2sc, sc2tog] all around (50sc)

Round 37:  sc all around (50sc)

Round 38:  [2sc, sc2tog] all around (34sc)

Round 39: sc all around (34sc)

Round 40: [2sc, sc2tog] all around (22sc)

Round 41: sc all around (22sc)

Round 42: [sc. sc2tog]

Round 43: sc2tog untill you have 6sc left fasten off


With white yarn
In a magic ring, ch, 6sc

Round 2: 2sc in each st all around (12sc)

Round 3: [sc, 2sc in same st] all around (18sc)

Round 4:[2sc, 2sc in same st] all around (24st)

Round 5:[ 3sc, 2sc in same st] all around (30sc)

Round 6:[ 4sc, 2sc in same st] all around (36sc)

Round 7: in front loop only sc all around (36sc)

Fasten off sew in loose tails
Round 8: with grey Yarn, sl st on any st of round 6 , [ 5sc, 2sc in same st] all around (42sc)

Round 9: sc all around (42sc)

Fasten off


With Black Yarn:
Round 1: In a magic ring, ch, 6sc

Round 2: [2sc in next st, sc] all around (9sc)

Round 3: [2sc in next st, sc] all around (12sc)

Fasten off
Sew in all loose tails

Black Strap:
With Black Yarn:
Row 1: ch 71.

sc in second ch from hook and all along (70sc)

Row 2-6: ch, sc all along (70sc)

Fasten off

Time for some assembly!!! 
Take the Black , sew it around your Minion head at about round 21 from begining of body

Sew The iris in the center of the eye

Sew the eye in the middle of the strap


With Black yarn
Pick up a st,  10 stitches counting from the eye along the strap and down 11 rows, sl st

sc, go down and sc 4 times going down one row diagonaly, 

then pick up 30sc, continue by going up diagonaly 

and sc4 times crating a smile ;-)


With Red Yarn: ch 8, 

hdc in 3rd ch from hook

dtr twice fasten off
 sew the tongue on the Mouth

Add a few strand off hair if you feel like it

Voila you are done!!!!
Please mention me, the source, if you find yourself in a sharing mood ;-)))

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo


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