Monday, November 24, 2014

How to make plastic yarn "Plarn" free tutorial

How to make plastic yarn "Plarn" free tutorial

By AnnooCrochet Designs

Today I am sharing The last discovery which has made me so ridiculously happy: Plarn
My fellows crochet addicts, I absolutely needed to share it with you for this year's holidays.
I love creating something cool out of unexpected material, and this is just a  perfect example of having fun while up-cycling.
 As any modern household do, I always have a pile of plastic bags, sitting in an organized mess in my drawers, and I never quiet know what to do with them, but I hate just throwing them away... so joy and happiness here is my solution!

When turned into "Plarn"  these bags give a versatile crochet medium, resembling "Whraphia", but  slightly more flexible and easier on the hook. I truly hope you will enjoy experimenting with plarn as much as I did...Oh the possibilities....

You will Need:

A bunch of plastic bags,
Crochet hook 4:00 mm

How to make Plastic Yarn:

Place your plastic bag in front of you, handles to the left, seam to the right, flatten it with your hand to make it neat.

Take your scissors and cut the seam off

Now cut the handles about an inch below, and as straight and neat as you can

your bag will look like so

place in on the flat surface and run your hand over it to flatten it, the open sides will be on the sides.
fold it in half, from bottom to top, the open side will be at the top
flatten again with your hand, to avoid any creases

Take your scissors and begin from the left side's bottom, at about an inch and a half cut from bottom till about an inch and a half from top

 Repeat from left to right at about an inch and a half apart, forming strips, but remember to stop at about an inch from the top each time.
Now open your bag, like a book, it will look llike this

gently unfold in a way you could pass your arm through
Grab your scissors again, and place your bag flat in front of you, cut diagonally through the first string,

follow along the strip and cut straight this time between two lanes

alternate this way, cutting once diagonally then once straight

roll your plarn neatly in a ball, and here you go, you just created a plarn ball. ready to be crocheted in whatever you wish!!!!

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