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Elsa Crochet Doll Free Tutorial

Elsa Crochet Doll Free Tutorial

By AnnooCrochet Designs

Let it goooooo let it gooooo lalalalalalalalala, Elsa is the one doll my daughter wanted, instead of buying a plastic doll, I created this pattern and made her this beauty. Nothing like a doll made with love and specially for her. If you have a little princess in your life, this is a must to make!!! I am sharing this pattern with you, Crochet on and make someone happy!!!

You will need:

Hook 2.75mm
Berroco yarn Comfort DK in 2705
Bernat Satin Yarn in Banana
Sundance metallics in Turquoise (710054)
A pair of  9mm blue safety eyes
Tapestry needle
A small plastic spoon

Stitches used:

ch: chain
sl st: slip stitch
sk st: skip a st
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet


Legs: You will be crocheting in the round and from the feet up.

Round 1:In a magic circle ch, 6sc (6sc)

Round 2: 2sc in each st (12sc)

Round 3: [2sc in next st, sc] all around (18sc)

Round 4: in back loop only (18sc)

Round 5: sc all around (18sc)
I place a colorful scrap of yarn, at the begining of my round to help figure out when it begins and ends.
Round 6: 2sc, [sc2tog] 3 times 6sc ( 15sc)

Round 7: sc, [sc2tog]  twice 9sc ( 13sc)

Round 8: sc all around (13sc)

Round 9: sc2tog, 4sc, sc2tog, 5sc ( 11sc)

Round 10: 5sc, sc2tog, 4sc (10sc)

Fill in firmly with Polyfill.
Round 11-38: sc all around (10sc) filling with polyfill as you go.

Fasten off

Leg 2:
Repeat from round 1 to 38, DO NOT FASTEN OFF

Round 39: Place both legs facing you, and next to one another,

join leg 2 with leg 1 with a sl st, sc in same st and all around both legs, you will have 22 sc

Stuff with Polyfill
Round 40-56: sc all around (22sc)

Round 57: [2sc sc2tog] all around (17sc)

Round 58: [2sc sc2tog] all around (12sc)
 Round 59: [sc, 2sc in next st] all around (21 sc )

Round 60: [2sc, 2sc in next st] all around (28 sc )

Round 61:[2sc, 2sc in next st] all around (38 sc)

Round 62: [3sc, 2sc in next st] all around  (46 sc)

Round 63-71: sc all around Fasten off

Place eyes between round 67 and 70 at about 7 st apart

Switch to yellow yarn,

Round 72: sl st yellow yarn, [sc2tog, 3sc ] all around (37sc)

Round 74:  [sc2tog, 2sc ] all around (27sc)

Round 75: [sc2tog, 2sc ] all around (20sc)

Round 76: sc all around (20sc)
Take the plastic spoon and slide it through the head  and the body [I know, it sounds like the shining!;-) ] it will help keep the head from falling to the side.

Stuff  firmly with Polyfil

Round 77: [sc2tog, sc ] all around until you have a small hole left, Fasten off

Arms:( make 2)

Round 1:In a magic circle ch, 6sc (6sc)

Round 2: [2sc,sc] 3 times (9sc)

Round 3: [2sc,sc] 3 times (12sc)

Round 4-5: sc all around (12sc)

Round 6:  [sc2tog, 2sc ] all around (9sc)

Round 7: sc2tog,3sc, sc2tog, 2 sc (7sc)

stuff lightly with polyfill
Round 8-28: sc  all around (7sc)
Fasten off
Place your doll in front of you, facing you
Sew the arms on the doll on each side of the body at about 4 rows down from the head.

Dress:(pics to come)

Round 1: With turquoise yarn, ch 25, sl st with first st to form a circle, sc all around
Round 2-4: sc all around.
Round 5: 2sc in next st, 12 sc, 2sc in next st, 12 sc
Round 6: sc all around
Round 7: 2 sc in next st, 13 sc, 2sc in next st, 13 sc
Round 8-10: sc all around
Round 11: 2sc in next st, 14 sc, 2sc, 14 sc
Round 12-15: sc all around
Round 16: 2sc in next st, 15 sc, 2sc, 15 sc
Round 17-21: sc all around
Round 22: 2sc in next st, 16 sc, 2sc, 16 sc
Round 23: 3sc in next st sc all around
Round 24: sc, 3sc in next st, 37 sc
Round 25:  sc, 3sc in next st, 39sc,
Round 26: 3sc in next st, 41sc,
Round 27: 3sc in next st, 43 sc
Round 28: 3sc in next st, 45 sc
Round 29: 3sc in next st 47 sc
Round 30-31: sc all around
Round 32: 3scin next st, 49sc
Round 33-35: sc all around Fasten off

A line:

Round 1:With Turquoise metallic yarn, sl st in the middle of the top back of the skirt,

sc in same st, 8sc,

go down diagonally to form the front point line of the dress and pick up 3sc stitches,

ch, go back up diagonally picking up 3sc more st,

Round 2: 9sc, hdc, 3dc, hdc, 12sc

Round 3: sc all around (26sc)

Round 4-10: sc all around (26sc)

Round 11: 2sc, ch6, sk4, 10sc, ch6, sk4, 4sc

Round 12: sc all around ( sc)
fasten off
Round 1:with white sparkly yarn, sl st at bottom of arm hole, sc in same st and all around.

Round 2-19 : sc all around (14sc)

Repeat on other side


Make 50 inches yellow yarn strands of yarn, fold each strand in half,

sl st around the head making sure to begin at top and work yourself all around covering the yellow part of the head.

Once your head is fully covered, make a braid.

Voila!!!!You are done!

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo


  1. This might be a silly question do you get the cheeks pink like that?

  2. It is a Great Question! I use Crayola Fabric Crayons, I tried many different kinds but These are my favorite. Happy Crochet

  3. Maybe I am missing something but where do you put the arms on at?

  4. Thank you for posting the instructions! I am asking my mom to make this for a 5 yr old with a brain tumor. One of her last wishes is to have a Frozen party and she will be dressed up like Elsa so I know she will be thrilled to have the doll. I may have missed it but will it take 1 skeen of each brand/color?

  5. Excellent and most AWESOME tutorial. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. I am trying to work out how to turn a K-Pop Korean band into a set of dolls for my daughter for Christmas and I am now a step closer. You ROCK :) I just have to find some clothing patterns now. Any idea how I can make trousers? I can't believe that I found this amazing pattern finally after all of my searching. Thank you for being such a wonderfully generous crocheter, I really can't thank you enough :)

  6. Thank you for sharing Elsa with us. Hope to start her soon.

  7. You're amazing and I wish I could hug you! Which probably makes you *very* glad there's so. much. internets. between us, lmao!! Thank you, thank you for sharing :) I can't *wait* to start her!

  8. Hi. im actually looking for the pascal pattern. How do I find it.

  9. Please give us a print friendly version--I already know how to crochet, but this tutorial is waaaay too much paper!

  10. Very amazing pattern, thank you.
    However, Rnd 73 is missing, would that be a decrease round or a sc around?
    Also, please when and how do we sew on the arms.
    Thanks again, Have a great day.

    1. I am also at that point I would go by the picture at the neck or a row below down three on each side of body and try on dress to see if it looks ok. I just ignored round 73 and kept following instructions it looks fine. good luck.

  11. How big does she end up being?? I am going to start her soon.

  12. I know that this may sound like a silly question. But I need to know! Should we join each round with a slip stich? Then chain 1?

  13. thank you so much for giving us this pattern! I made this for my 4 year old granddaughter who is so crazy for Frozen and esp Elsa and she loved it! I loved making it as well and the fabric crayon worked great!. Next I am making either one just like my granddaughter or another DIsney princess! thanks again for for generosity. Also, I appreciate your details and you do tell us its a tutorial!

  14. I did not find the instructions for the skirt. I only found the instructions to attach the top to the skirt. Where can I find the skirt pattern?

  15. I don't understand row 6 and 7. Please explain to me what to do.

    1. Row 6 is sc in next 2 stitches then sc 2 together repeat 3 times then do 6 sc. Row 7 is sc in next stitch then sc 2 together repeat twice then do 9 sc. Does that make sense?? Sc 2 together is a decrease. 😊

  16. Where and when do we put the arms on?

  17. On the dress in the later rows it says ex:3sc, 45sc . Wouldn't that just be 48sc? Thank you.

    1. You are creating the point in the dress so it is 3sc in the next st, then 45 sc...Thank you for This remark, I changed it in the pattern to make it clearer! Happy Crochet

    2. Thanks for clearing that up.

  18. is elsa wearing any shoes? she could get hypothermia :D lol plz make a pattern for more shoes and clothes for her

  19. I've got another question. How tall was your finished doll?

  20. Is the magic circle you talk about a product, or do you start with a crochet chain? How many loops is your chain for the circle?


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