Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ribbon's Crochet Basket Free Pattern

Ribbon's Crochet Basket Free Pattern

By AnnooCrochet Designs

I absolutely Love to up-cycle, giving a second life to things that otherwise would be obsolete gives me great satisfaction.
Here is a way to create an adorable Basket with Scraps of Ribbons.
It is very simple Crochet, and is a Quick an easy way to impress your friends, while keeping your home organized...;-)

You will need

Hook size 6:00 mm
Lots of different colored Ribbon's scraps, I collect Ribbons from gift wraps, store shopping bags etc... and keep them all in a box.

My favorite craft store has a big box of ribbons on sale at all times.


Stitches used:

ch: chain
sc: single crochet

To tie the scraps together and make the most of your ribbon's lenght here is the way to join them


Round 1: in a magic circle, ch, 6sc
Round 2:  2sc in next st all around (12 sc )

Round 3: sc, 2sc in next st all around (18sc )

Round 4-5: 2sc, 2sc in next st all around ( 24 sc)

Round 6: 3sc, 2sc in next st all around (30sc )

Round 7: 4sc, 2sc in next st all around ( 36sc)

Round 8: in back loop only sc all around

Round 9- 17: sc all around

Fasten off
Tuck in all little loose ends and Voila

For bigger  sizes, keep on augmenting until you reach the base side you want, then crochet a round in back sl only to create the border crease....

For smaller size it is the same idea stop when the base is the size you wish, for the long an narrow I stopped after  Round 3, next round was in back loop only, etc....
Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!! 

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo


  1. This is a really beautiful piece and your tutorial is excellent. Great work!

  2. This is so fantastic! Thank you so much!!!!

  3. Crocheting with ribbons is such a good idea, and I love these baskets. Great tutorial! :)

  4. I've been trying to make a larger bowl... but the sides keep falling inward. Maybe I'm trying to make the sides too tall... but I can't think of what to do or use, to prevent it from happening. Does anyone have a suggestion? My cat loves it... and yhe doesn't care... but I do! Argh.... back to the drawing board...


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