Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Minion golf cover Free Tutorial

Minion Golf Club Cover Free Tutorial
By AnnooCrochet Designs

A friend of Mine had asked me to create this "Despicable" Minion for  her Husband's Xmas Gift.  I though I would share it with all my Crochet Artists which have Golfers fan in their lives...;-).This pattern requires some knitting skills, being able to mix both Crafts is a big plus, as knitting gives you a more tight and stretchy sock like feeling for the Golf club's Shaft 

You will need:

Berroco Comfort  8758 (blue)
Berroco Comfort   (yellow)
Berroco Comfort   (white)
Berroco Comfort   (grey)
Berroco Comfort   (black)
Tapestry Needles
Hook size: 3.25 mm
Knitting size 3.5mm

Stitches used:

Kitting: purl, knit

sl st: slip stitch
sc: single crochet
sc2tog: single crochet 2 st together (decrease)


Row 1- With knitting  needles cast on 44 stitches, knit2 and  purl2 all along

Row 2-35: Repeat row1
Fasten off

Swich to your crochet hook, 3.5 mm and yellow yarn

Round 1: sl st in to corner, sc in same sp and in next st, from now on pick up 3sc on 2 purl st, and 3 sc on 2 knit stitches from your blue knitted row.(55sc)

sl t to first sc, since you will be working in th round.

Round 2-26: sc all round (55sc)
Round 27: [3sc, sc2tog] all around( 45sc)

Round 28:[3sc, sc2tog] all around( 35sc)
Round 29:[3sc, sc2tog] all around( 30sc)
Round 30:[3sc, sc2tog] all around( 24sc)
Round 31:[2sc, sc2tog] all around( 18sc)
Round 32: sc all around (18sc)

Round 33:[sc, sc2tog] all around( 12sc)
Round 34: sc2tog until  6sc left, fasten off

Eye: With White Yarn

Round 1: In a magic ring ch1, 6sc in ring (6sc)

Round 2: [2sc in same st], all around (12sc)

Round 3: [ sc, 2sc in same st] all around (18sc)

Round 4: [2sc, 2sc in same st]all around  (24sc)

Round 5: [3sc, 2sc in same st]all around  (30sc)

Round 6:  in front loop only sc all around  (30sc)

Fasten off
Round 7: With grey yarn, sl st on any st of round  6, [4sc, 2sc in same st]all around  (36sc)
Round 8: sc all around (36sc)
Fasten off


With Black yarn
Round 1:In a magic circle ch, 6sc

Round 2: [2sc in next st, sc] all around (9sc)

Fasten off

Sew in all loose tails

With Black Yarn:

Row 1: ch 51, sc in second ch from hook and all along (50sc)

Row 2-5: sc all along (50sc)
Fasten off


Voila see above  picture for assembly.
Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!! 

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo

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