Friday, July 19, 2013

Up cycled Quick Crochet Beach Bag

Up cycled Quick Crochet Beach Bag

By AnnooCrochet Designs

  I Found these Totes at my local Craft store for just a few Dollars, and decided to turn them into my own, by adding a few personal crochet touches, this will be my new Beach Bag for my upcoming family trip to our Beautiful East Coast Ocean adventure .

The quick version is to adorn your tote with a simple crochet edging, the effect is quick and very chic if you ask it goes:

You will Need 
A Canvas Tote 15 by 15 inches
 sharp Crochet or a whole puncher
Crochet hook 3.25mm
 measuring tape
tapestry needle
Cotton Yarn of your choice I used Martha Stewart Hemp in red

Stitches used:
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
dc cluster:


at the top of your tote measure a cm all along and mark with a pen

 begin by sl st with your sharp crochet in the first dot on your right side, 

sc all along trying not to crochet too tightly, or it will create an uneven border, sc all along both sides of your tote.

You will have 78 stitches.

Here is a Pattern Chart For Visual Learners,

I find that the chart plus the step by step is the best way for me.

Round 1: ch ( [sc, ch3, sk1,sc],


 [dc, ch] 5 times, dc,

sk 3), repeat all along

Round 2: (ch2, 

in ch3 from round 1, [sc, ch3, sc],


sc in second ch from round 1,


 dc cluster in next ch space from round 1

, ch3, 

sc in next ch space from round 1,) 

repeat all around.

Round 3: ch2,  (in ch3 from round 2, [dc, ch] 5 times, dc,

 sc in ch3 before dc cluster from round 2, ch3, sc in ch3 after cluster from round 2,) repeat all around 

Round 4: ch2,( sc in second ch from round 1, ch3,  dc cluster in next ch space from round 3, ch3, sc in next ch space from round 3), repeat all around.

You just Create an adorably chic, edging for your Tote!!!

I think that for my next Beach Tote I might crochet all around the entire Tote to Create an even more stylish Beach Bag.
If you are up for it...Tutorial for this beauty to come  vey soon....


  1. I absolutely love it. Tanks so much for this great tutorial.

  2. What a wonderful HOW TO! Totally true, it looks great! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. wow,wow,wow, was für ein pantastisches blog und für grandiose werke. gratulation, alles tolle arbeiten, von der giraffe bis zum pimpen der leinentasche.
    vielen danke auf für alle anteitungen, welche toll beschriftet und bebildert sind. danke für alle mühen und weiterhin alles gute und liebe, vor allem gesundheit, ohne sie ist alles nichts.

    glg meggi


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