Friday, June 14, 2013

My "look alike" Doll Free Pattern

My "look alike" Doll Free Pattern

By AnnooCrochet Designs

Dolls are without any Doubt my favorite Thing to Crochet, I can let my imagination run wild, and give the  fashionista in me a chance to shine.
It is magical to see this little thing that looks first like an egg, transforming into this whimsical doll, that almost looks as if she could come to life...
I am very happy to share this pattern I created with you, I hope you will be able to feel the love and pleasure I took in making it...I have added other "Look alike" dolls Pics I had made for my Girl friends, as I truly believe that every Princess deserves her special Look alike Doll...;-)

Fun Facts:

Did you know that: The earliest dolls were made from available materials like clay, stone, woodboneivoryleatherwax, etc. Archaeological evidence places dolls as foremost candidate for oldest known toyWooden paddle dolls have been found in Egyptian tombs which date to as early as 2000 BCE. Dolls with movable limbs and removable clothing date back to at least 200 BCE. Greek dolls were made of clay and articulated at the hips and shoulders. There are stories from ancient Greece around 100AD that show that dolls were used by little girls as playthings.[1] In Rome dolls were made of clay, wood or ivory. Dolls have been found in the graves of Roman children. Like children today, the younger members of Roman civilization would have dressed their dolls according to the latest fashions. When Greek and Roman girls got married they would dedicate their doll to a Goddess.[2] Rag dolls are traditionally home-made from spare scraps of cloth material. Roman rag dolls have been found dating back to 300BC.[3]

You will need:

Crochet Hook 3.25 mm
Berocco Yarn Comfort Dk in Brown
Red Heart Shimmer in Cream (because nothing is EVER too sparkly!)
Stitch Nation Yarn, Bamboo Ewe in Periwinkle
Stitch Nation Yarn, Bamboo Ewe in Beach Glass
Stitch Nation Yarn, Bamboo Ewe in Twilight
Tapestry Needle
Snap on 15 mm Green eyes, or color of your choice

Stitches used

ch: chain
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double Crochet
dc: double crochet
sc2tog: single crochet 2 together



You will be working in the round
Round 1: With Brown Yarn, in a magic circle, , ch, 6sc, (6sc)

Round 2: 2sc in each st, (12sc) put a little strap of other Color Yarn at the beginning of your round, it will help you figure out where your round begins, as it might get harder later ;-)

Round 3: [sc, 2sc in next st] all around (18sc)

Round 4: [2sc, 2sc in next st] all around (24sc)

Round 5: [3sc, 2sc in next st] all around (30sc)
Round 6: [4sc, 2sc in next st] all around (36sc)

Round 7:  [5sc, 2sc in next st] all around (42sc)

Round 8: [6sc, 2sc in next st] all around (48sc)

Round 9-12: sc all around (48sc)

 Change to Cream Color Yarn, continue in the round with new Color
Round 13-15: sc all around (48sc)

Round 16: [7sc, 2sc in next st] all around (54sc)

Round 17-20: sc all around (54sc)

Round 21: [7sc, 2sctog in next st] all around (48sc)

Round 22: [6sc, 2sctog in next st] all around (42sc)

Round 23: [5sc, 2sctog in next st] all around (36sc)

Round 24: [4sc, 2sctog in next st] all around (30sc)

Round 25: [3sc, 2sctog in next st] all around (24sc)

Place Eyes between Round 17 and Round 19 at about 6 stitches apart.

snap them on securely,

Stuff the head  firmly with Polyfill.

Round 26: [2sc, 2sctog in next st] all around (18sc)
Round 27:  [sc, 2sctog in next st] all around (12sc)
Stuff Firmly again,
Round 28-29: sc all around (12sc)

Do not Fasten off!!!


Round 30: [2sc, 2sc in next st] all around (16sc)
Round 31: [3sc, 2sc in next st] all around (20sc)
Round 32: [4sc, 2sc in next st] all around (24sc)

Round 33: In Back loop only!! :[5sc, 2sc in next st] all around (30sc)

Round 34: [6sc, 2sc in next st] all around (36sc)

 Round 35: [7sc, 2sc in next st] all around (42sc)

Round 36-45 : sc all around(42sc)

With Periwinkle Yarn,
Round 45-46: sc all around (42sc)

Round 47: [7sc, sc2tog] all around (36sc)

Round 48: [6sc, sc2tog] all around (30sc)
stuff firmly the body, from the neck down
Do not fasten off


Round 49: 11sc, sk 15 st, sc in next, 15sc (15sc)

Round 50-62: sc all around (15sc) stuff as you go with your Polyfill

Round 63: [sc2tog, 4sc] 3 times (12sc)

Round 64-66: sc all around (12sc)

Round 67: 2sc in next st, 3sc] 3 times (15sc)
Round 68: sc all around (15sc)

Boot Legs:

Round 69: [2sc in next st, 6sc] twice (17sc)

Round 70: sc all around (17sc)
Round 71: [2sc in next st, 7sc] twice (19sc)
Round 72:  [2sc in next st, 8sc] twice (21sc)

Do not forget to stuff as you go!
Round 73: [2sc in next st, 9sc] twice (23sc)
Round 74: [2sc in next st, 10sc] twice (25sc)
Round 75: [2sc in next st, 11sc] twice (27sc)
Round 76: in front loop only sc all around (27sc) Fasten off

Proceed to repeat from round 50 to 76 on the other side for second leg

Round 1:
Put your doll head down, and  with your cream yarn pick up the back loop left at one of the bottom of your boot leg pant, 

sl st and sc in next st, [sc2tog, sc] all around (15st)

Round 2: [sc2tog, sc] all around(10sc)
Round 3-5: sc all around (10sc)

Round 6: [4sc, 2sc in next st] twice (12sc)

Round 7:[5sc, 2sc in next st] twice (14sc)

Round 8:[6sc, 2sc in next st] twice (16sc)
Round 9: [7sc, 2sc in next st] twice (18sc)

Round 10: [8sc, 2sc in next st] twice (20sc)
Round 11: [9sc, 2sc in next st] twice (22sc)
Round 12: sc untill you reach the middle back of your leg, then 6sc, 10hdc, 6sc (st) (22st)

Round 13: 6sc, 10hdc, 6sc (22st)

Round 14:  in back loop only, 10sc, sc2tog, 10 sc, sc2tog (20sc)

Round 15: [4sc, sc2tog] 3 times (17sc)
Round 16:  [3sc, sc2tog] 3 times (14sc)

Round 17:  In back loop only[2sc, sc2tog] 3 times (11sc)
Round 18: sc al around (11sc)
stuff firmly
Round 19: sc2tog all around fasten off

Repeat for other foot


Put your Doll head down and back facing you

sl st with Beach Glass Yarn in one of the front loop from Round 33,
Round 1: sc in same sp, and all around. (24 st)

Round 2: 4sc, 2sc in next st (30 st)

Round 3: ([sc, dc] 4 times, [sc, dc in same st] ) repeat all around (36st)

Round 4-5:  continue with sc, dc all around, making sure that the sc goes over a dc from the previous round, and that the dc goes on top of a sc from previous row.

Round 6: ([sc, dc] 4 times, [sc, dc, sc in next st]) all around (46sc)

Round 7-24:  continue with sc, dc all around, making sure that the sc goes over a dc from the previous round, and that the dc goes on top of a sc from previous row. (46sc) Fasten off

Arms (make 2):

Round 1: with cream color yarn, in a magic circle, ch, 6sc, (6sc)

Round 2: [2sc in next st, sc] 3 times (9sc)

Round 3: sc all around (9sc)

Round 4:  [3sc in next st, sc] 3 times (12sc)

Round 5: sc all around (12sc)
Round 6: [3sc, sc2tog] twice (10sc)
Round 7: sc all around (10sc)

Round 8: sc2tog, sc all around (9sc)
Round 9-18: sc all around (9sc)

Round 19: in back loop only, sc all around ( 9sc)

Fasten off
Round 20: with Beach Glass Yarn, , sc all around (9sc)

Round 21: in back loop only,  2sc in next st, sc all around (10sc)

Round 22-30: [sc, dc] all around continue with sc, dc all around, making sure that the sc goes over a dc from the previous round, and that the dc goes on top of a sc from previous row. (10sc)

Fasten off

Sew arms to Body with your tapestry needle

Sew all lose tails in

Now lets give this Beauty a Hair due
sl st with Brown Yarn at the top of the head in the middle,ch 40.
 In second ch from hook, 4sc, 4sc in each ch untill you reach the last , creating Curls.

when reaching the head, sl st in any of the head st close to the curl you just created, ch 40

, and repeat the process of 4sc in each ch. make about 6 curly cues,

and move down, ch 60 and make about 6 curls again around te skull

Repeat all over the head moving in circles around the head and down the skull

next row of curls will be 70 ch, making about 6 to 8 curly cues
next row 80 etc....

I made 34 Curly cues in total...What a Beauty!!!

Lets give her something to smile with
With a red yarn scrap string and your tapestry Needle
Enter from the back of the head,

count 3 rows down the left eye and pass your needle through
Count 6 stitches to the right and put your needle in, come bach with your needle to the middle

 of the mouth above the loop and in back just right under the place you just went in.

Voila Say Cheeeeese

Time for some Girly Girl Touches.
With your Doll head down and with the Beach Glass Yarn, in the back of the Bottom boot leg, sl st, and ch3,

5dc in same st,

[ sk 1, sl st in next st, sk st, 6dc] 7 times

Fasten off.

Repeat on the other leg

Sew loosetails in

At the bottom of the Shirt, in the back, sl st with the Periwinkle Yarn, and ch3,

 5dc in same st,[ sk 1, sl st in next st, sk st, 6dc]  times 

Fasten off.

At the Back of the sleeves,  sl st with the Periwinkle Yarn,

and ch2, 5hdc, [sk st, 6hdc]
Fasten off sew in loose tails

Voila add a few flowers Easy Flower Tutorial, and accessories to make her yours!!!


Round 1:in a magic ring, ch, 8sc (8sc)

Round 2: 2sc in every st (16sc)

Round 3:in back loop only, [2sc in next st, 3sc] all around(19sc)
Round 4: [2sc in next st, 3sc] all around (22sc)

Round 5: [2sc in next st, 10sc] twice (26sc)
Round 6: in back loop only, [2sc in next st, 11sc] all around(30sc)

Round 7-8: 8sc, 14 hdc, 8sc (30sc)

Round 9: 14sc, sc2tog, 14 sc, sc2tog (28sc)
Round 10: 13sc, sc2tog, 13sc, sc2tog (26sc)
place shoe on foot

ch10 sl st on opposite side of shoe, Fasten off
Add little flowers 

Happy Crochet My fellow artists

Please mention me, the source if you find yourself in a sharing mood ;-)))
Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!! 

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo


  1. Incrível amiga, adorei este explicadíssimo passo a passo. obrigada pela gentileza de nos presentear com suas habilidades. parabéns.


  3. Great pattern. Especially the hair tutorial

  4. I just want to say Thank you so very much for all the time and effort you put into this beautiful pattern and the wonderful pictures you took. And you give it to all of us for free. What a kind heart you have. You are very talented. Thank you just doesn't seem enough.... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you Brenda!!!! It makes me Happy To share my Patterns with others.
      “Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”
      ― Charlotte Brontë

      Happy Crochet !!<3

  5. Do you have a simple pattern for short straight hair? Thanks.

    1. Yes Sharon!!! Go to ;
      Happy Crochet!!!

  6. il tuo blog è un vero incanto ed io mi sono iscritta subito..
    proverò a realizzare questa meravigliosa bambolina...

  7. Come promesso ho preso spunto dal tuo tutorial e ho fatto la bambolina, l'ho messa nel blog e ti ho citato... (spero ti faccia piacere)
    a presto....

  8. WOW...great tutorial...!
    thank you for sharing... :)

  9. Do you find the need to put a support in the neck (like a small spool or dowel) to keep the doll stable or is it small enough where it can support the head? My last was great, but she was huge and her head flopped all over. Can you help? By the way - awesome tutorial - thanks for sharing!

    1. PS: I didn't use this pattern for the last doll. Sorry for the confusion. :)

    2. yes, If you want it helps to support the doll's head, but for a small child I shy away from anything that could be a hazard.

  10. I love your doll very much and have started to make one, too. I finished Round 32 and have the correct number of stitches all around (24sc). But when I finished Round 33, I had 28 sc and your pattern says I should have (30sc) all around. Can you help me understand? I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

    1. Hy Lynne, I am so glad you like My Doll!!!
      It is no problem at all, on round 34, go as follow: [6sc, 2sc in next st] twice, then [5sc, 2sc in next st], then [6sc, 2sc in next st] and 5sc you will have now (36sc)
      Then continue with Round 35…
      I hope it helped!!!! Happy crochet!!!

  11. Beautiful creative dolls, Annoo! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! So nice of you. I love the playful spirit of these dolls, and can't wait to try one. I knit comfort dolls for kids in Zimbabwe and South Africa and dress them up all sorts of ways. Have you seen They are providing as many dolls as possible to AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. Blessings.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hello-I just have to say you do the best tutorials! I have crocheted for over forty years and make afghans, sweaters as well as the usual caps and scarfs. Still, my dolls have never been so very special...but with your pictures and directions, I have just about finished three versions of this doll for my granddaughter's holiday gift. She will adore them! Thanks so much...your talent for teaching is rivaled by your creativity!

  14. hi, your patterns are just great. i have already made two of your dolls and my friends just like them, hmm, their daughters do. i'll keep on crochetting because I found the best tutorials. Many thanks!!!

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  16. This is really an excellent blog as well as its content. criminal lawyer ny

  17. Just found you on Pinterest... I am a new crochet-er and LOVE your wonderful instructions! I will soon attempt to create one of your fabulous dolls :) Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  18. This is such a wonderful pattern! Thank you.

    Beginners will love you for the very detailled pictures.

    Can't wait to start my own doll for my niece.

  19. What a woderfully detailed pattern! Thank you so much for sharing this. Maybe now I can FINALLY finish a doll for my granddaughter LOL (I actuallly have to make 3). Quick question regarding the it ok to subsitute a different yarn brand than what you have used? I have a huge stash, and can probably find what I need there without having to purchase more yarn (hubby is starting to make remarks about my yarn store ) Thanks so much again for sharing this! Can't wait to get started!

  20. Hey, awesome tutorial! : ) About what size doll does this pattern make?

  21. hi love your work. how do you do the glow on the dolls face? do you use some paint colours? or special colour od yarn?

  22. Just found this tutorial and thank you for your labor of love in sharing this. I am planning to make this for my great-granddaughter.

  23. Your dolls are so adorable! You have put in a lot of hard work and love in making them. Thank you for sharing your pattern with us. Blessings to you!

  24. Hello! I'm working on creating a doll using your pattern. Thank you for sharing! I'm starting on the arms and round 4 says to 3sc in the next st, then sc. I'm having trouble getting 12 stitches. I seem to end up with more. I'm confused how to have 9 stitches in round 3 and then 12 in round 4. Any help would be wonderful! Thank you!!

  25. This is adorable! Roughly, how tall is the final product?

  26. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to start :-)

  27. Thank you for this pattern!

  28. The doll is adorable, and so detailed! Thanks!!

  29. Oh my gosh! thank you so much for the free pattern and the excellent photo's along with it! Please accept our sincere thanks!


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