Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Florabelle Free Pattern

Florabelle Free Pattern

By AnnooCrochet Designs

This is my " go to Flower" when I am in a hurry to crochet an easy and fast flower appliqué ,to give the extra touch needed on a Hat, a dress or a Handbag.

You will need:

Hook size 3:25 mm
Dungarease Cotton yarn in 3 different colors, I used Pink, Turquoise  and Cream
Tapestry Needle

Stitches used

ch: chain
sl st: slip stitch
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet


Round 1: With Pink Color,In a magic ring, ch3, 11dc in ring, join with  ch3

Round 2: ch,
sc in each dc, join with first sc, your work will be curling up, it is ok, You created the Stigma

Round 3: [ch2, sk next sc, sc] all around, join with beg sc, you will have 6 ch2 loops. Fasten off

Round 4: Change to White Color you will work in each ch2 sp, [sl st, ch2, 3dc, ch2, sl st] 6 times, join with beg sl st

Round 5: ch, you will work behind the petals you just made, creating 6 times  4 ch loops fasten off

Round 6:  Turn your Flower so the right side is facing you, and with Turquoise Color, you will work in each ch4 sp, [sl st, ch2, 5dc,ch2, sl st] join with first loop

Round 7: ch, you will work behind the petals you just made,  wrong side of your flower facing you and creating 6 times a 5 ch loop

Round 8: Right side facing you again, you will work in each ch5 sp, [sl st, ch2, 7t=]['dc,ch2, sl st] join with first loop

Fasten off and sew in all tails
Voila...not so hard was it?
Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!

Please mention me, the source if you find yourself in a sharing mood ;-)))
Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!! 

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo


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  2. I like this flower, she is very easy to crochet and wonderful.
    Thanks for the good instructions.
    You have a nice blog. I will look for more time to you.
    Pleace visit my blog too.
    Lovely greatings from Irmi

  3. I love this flower and your tutorial especially the pictures. It makes it really easy to follow. Thanks!


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