Monday, May 27, 2013

Easy Ruffled Up-cycled Hair Elastic Free Pattern

Easy Ruffled Up-cycled Hair Elastic 

By AnnooCrochet Designs

Summer is around the Corner, time for braids, pony tails and warm active days. I found out that I never have enough elastic bands around my house to manage all of our wild family curls. I love making these "not so exciting" simple elastics into something pretty, stylish and unique. It gives me real pleasure to up-cycle "not so glamorous" things and give them a little "umph" for their second life...;-)

You will Need

Berroco Comfort DK color:  fushia, Beige and Blue
Crochet Hook 3.25mm
3 hair elastics

Stitches Used:

ch: chain
sc: single crochet
Sl st: slip stitch


Take you yarn and double strand it, looping it under your elastic and slip your hook through it, you are ready to begin!

Yarn over

pull it under the elastic

Yarn over

Pull Through both of your loops

sc 54 around your elastic or the amount of sc to cover the elastic completely. join wit first st, 2sc in each st all around,

 you will have 108 sc
join with first sc Fasten off

  sew all tails in

Voila so useful!!!
Happy Crochet

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Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!! 

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  1. I also make hair band with my leftover yarn. It is very useful. I use it to fix my long-sleeve when I'm doing my dishes. I use it to bind the electronic wire, such as NB power cord, wire on hairdryer, etc.

  2. ;-))))) Great Ideas!!!! Thank you

  3. I use leftover yarn and leftover elastic for making bands


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