Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bermuda Beach Cover up Free Pattern

Bermuda Summer Beach Cover up Free Pattern

By AnnooCrochet Designs

Here I am in the Beautiful Island of Bermuda again.
Sun is shining, wind is blowing, endless turquoise water ocean as far as your eye can see...Bliss

Since summer is around the corner, I decided to make myself a Beach Cover up, (well needed to cover the extra pounds gained this winter)
I thought I would share the process with you, one step at a time, slowly, slowly, but steady, steady as the sound of the waves hitting the shore....
I apologize in Advance for the Kaleidoscope of Backgrounds in this Pattern...."Voyage Oblige"...

You will Need

Hook 3.50mm and 3.75 mm
Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread Fashion No3 in white, 6 balls
Tapestry Needle

Stitches used:

ch: chain
sc: single Crochet
sl st: slip stitch
sk: skip
picot: ch3, sc in base of ch3


The Pattern will be worked in the round until the armholes are reached

Little skirted Bottom:

Begin by ch 180 , making sure your chain is not twisted, join with a sl st forming a circle, you will be working in the round.

It is shown to you on a smaller scale , you will have a big circle of 180 ch


 sk 3 ch, sc, [ch5, sk 3 ch sc] all around

 remember you will have a huge circle, this one is for tutorial purpose only

 ( put a little piece of different color yarn to mark the beginning of your row)

Round 2: when you reach your first ch5, [sc in the middle 3rd ch,

 picot ( ch3, sc in base of ch3),

 ch5] all around

Round 3: when you reach your first st from previous row,

[sc in the middle 3rd ch of your ch5 from previous round , picot ( ch3, sc in base of ch3), ch5] all around
Round 4-14: Repeat Round 3
Your work will look like so

 Fasten off

You are done with the little bottom skirt part of your cover up. Time to make our way up the waist, to the chest. 

Upper Body:

Turn your work so the first ch beginning row is up,

 sl st in any ch st,

We will need to reduce the amount of stitches for the body, you will achieve it in the next 4 rows:

Round 1: sc in same sp and in next 3sc, sc2tog,

[4sc, sc2tog] all around

You will have 150 stitches.

Round 2-3:  ch, 18sc, sc2tog all around join with first st, ch

Round 4: ch, 15sc, sc2tog all around join with first st

Now you are ready to work on the upper Body:

Round 5: ch5, sk 3st, [sc, ch5, sk3 st] repeat all around

Round 6: ch5, picot in 3rd ch from the ch5 from previous row

[ch5, picot, picot in 3rd ch from the ch5 from previous row] all around
This is the pattern you will continue to Crochet for a while now...

Round 7-25: Repeat round 6

Here are a few pics to show you how your work will look

At Round 25, fold your work evenly so you can count stitches on the front and back, put two little strands of colorful yarn at each side, counting equal amount of picots on the front and the back.

With your work facing you count half of the front length and place another color yarn marker, this will be the beginning of your V neck collar.( you may take the side colorful pieces of Yarn off.)

You will no longer be working in the round from this point on
Row 26: from your middle, marked with your yarn, ch3, picot in 3rd ch of previous row's ch5, ch5, and picot again, in the same way you have worked, [ch5,picot in 3rd ch of previous row's ch5] until you reach the ch5, right before the ch3 from the beginning of the row 26, you will picot in the 3rd ch of this ch5, and then you will TURN

Row 27: ch3, picot in the 3rd ch of row 26's ch5, [ch5,picot in 3rd ch of previous row's ch5] until you reach the ch5, right before the ch3 from the beginning of the row 27,

Row 28: ch3, picot in the 3rd ch of row 27's ch5, [ch5,picot in 3rd ch of previous row's ch5] until you reach the ch5, right before the ch3 from the beginning of the row 28

Row 29: ch3, picot in the 3rd ch of row 28's ch5, [ch5,picot in 3rd ch of previous row's ch5] until you reach the ch5, right before the ch3 from the beginning of the row 29

 You will begin to work the arm whole and shoulder, while continuing the collar
 Row 30-43: ch8, picot in middle of ch 5 from previous row [ch5, picot in the 3rd ch from ch 5 from previous row] 5 times, ch8 turn

 Repeat rows 30 to 43, counting the same amount of rows from the beginning of the upper body on the opposite side of the V Collar

Fasten off

Back of your Cover up:

place your work in front of you, shoulder straps on you work place (table etc...) first.

Count 3 picots from the right side of the strap,

 Row 1: sl st in the 3rd channel of the ch5 from round 29.

[ch5, picot in 3rd ch from the ch5 from previous row],11 times, turn

Row 2: ch8, picot in 3rd ch from the ch5 from previous row,[ch5, picot in 3rd ch from the ch5 from previous row] 10 more times
Row 3-14 : repeat row 2
Turn your work so the wrong side is facing you
match both of your shoulder straps so that they line up with both sides of  the back

Join both of your shoulder straps to the back by sl st at the right side of the right shoulder, ch5 and sc in both sides's 3rd ch of ch5 from previous row, repeat all along the shoulder strap.fasten off

Now do the same beginning at the left side of your left shoulder strap
Look at this Beauty!!!
Sew all loose tails in.

Finishing Touch:

Now lets add some finishing touch to the V-neck collar an to the sleeves.

Place your work up side down,

Round 1: with your Crochet hook 3.75mm, sl st in the corner of the back side of your collar,

 [4sc in the ch5 loop, sc in the picot loop] ,

repeat until you reach the V point of your neck,

it will be a ch3 loop insted of a 5ch loop, sc in the ch3 loop and in the next picot,

 [4sc in the ch5 loop, sc in the picot loop] , repeat until you reach the beginning of your collar row
join  with first sc,

Round 2: with your smaller size hook, 3sc, picot in next all around Fasten off sew in all loose tails

For the arm wholes, proceed the same way as for the collar,
Round 1:sl st in the back corner, , 4sc in ch5 loop and one sc in the picot  all around
Round 2: 3sc, picot on the next st
Fasten off Sew in all lose tails.

Now you just will need your Bikini and a ride to the Beach!!!
Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!

Please mention me, the source if you find yourself in a sharing mood ;-)))
Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!! 

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo


  1. Merci beaucoup,
    thank you very much for this nice tuto pictures.
    I just do not undersatnd what it is? a collar?
    Merci beaucoup from Belgium

  2. ;-)))), I know...for now it does look like one big Collar!!!!!
    I should have made it clearer that it is a pattern in the making, and therefore uncompleted.....eventually, I promise, it will look like a beach Dress!!!!!with a V neck a few days...I
    A bientôt Fleur Belge.


  4. coucou
    merci beaucoup c'ets magnifique
    chez nous en France, le soleil arrive enfin
    à bientôt Sandy

  5. My future daughter in law is quite small, can you give me an idea of the size of the completed beach cover-up?

    1. Yes Eva, It is a size 4 in American size, 34-36 in European Sizes...I hope it Helps!!!
      Happy Crochet!

  6. I want to thank you for your beautiful site, and for sharing your fantastic patterns! I am making your Bermuda beach cover up for my own use (we are expected to hit 88 degrees here in Seattle today!) and I have a question. I completed the skirt and am now making the rounds with decreases for the torso. After the 1st round you note that we will have 150 stitches. Round 2 calls for 18sc followed by a decrease which I completed but the stitches didn't come out even, I had 10 sc and then came to the end of the round. Do I join, ch 1, and then start again with 18sc (as instructed for round 3). Or have I made a terrible mistake? Thank you!


    1. Hi Chryssa, no terrible mistakes at all!!! That is why I love Crochet so much, it does not have to be perfect to be beautiful!!!
      Ok, so you made the skirt, check! ;-)
      For the next part, the important thing is to decrease evenly, that said, just join ch1, after the 10sc, and for round 3, decrease every 18 again,
      And again if the number does not match at the end of the row it does not really matter.
      Now when you reach round 25, and begin to work in rows, fold your work in half and count carefully to find the middle for your V neck to be even....
      I hope I answered your question
      Let me know if You have any more question
      Happy Crochet

  7. How did you determine how many chains to use to make this the right size? If I want this pattern in a size 14, should I just make a chain that's long enough to go around my friend's hips?

    1. Yes, this pattern was made for a friend of mine, her size was XS, so wrapping the ch around your friend's hip would give you a good idea of what you would need. Happy Crochet!

  8. This is gorgeous! And should be charging for this pattern!! I understand though, I give most of my patterns away too. Great job on this! :)

    Biz from

  9. This is lovely!!! I'm going to try to make it for my honeymoon. I've never made any type of clothing before. Thanks for sharing and for all the pics...I'm a bit scared. LOL.

  10. Hi, this is really lovely, thank you so much for sharing. I have a question. If I make this for someone who has tiny hips and thighs but a big tummy how would I adjust it. Hope you can help. :)

  11. Agradezco tu ayuda, necesitaba la puntada, visitame en mi blog bye.

  12. Every day I visit a number of blog sites to see content, however this offers quality based content.bubblegum casting

  13. Hi. I hope you still check this. I was wondering how many yards this uses? I tried looking up the yarn online to see how big the balls are and estimate, but they come in 3 sizes. I want to make sure I have enough before I start.

  14. What a nice pattern! I'm trying to make this one, but I don't understand how I begin round 2. Does I have to crochet 3 ch to the sc in the middle 3rd ch of the ch5? And how does I end row 2? Maybe you understand what I mean?

    Thank you!

    Greeting from Tenny , The Netherlands

    1. Hi Tenny,
      First qyestion:Yes you ch3, sc in the middle of the ch5 from previous round, you do a oicot st in the same sc you just made ( ch3, sc in base od ch3), ch5 etc...
      Second Question: you do not really end since you are working in the round, place a marker to figure out where your round begins, and just keep on going around with your pattern.
      I hope it helped...Dag;-)

  15. After row 27 do I turn my work again and then start row 28 and repeat that all the way through the v neck? I'm not understanding how to make the v-neck neck after row 26...

  16. I just finished this pattern, it turned out beautifully!! Is there any way you could contact me to help edit it to make a blanket with the same design? Thank you either way~

    1. Since you finished the project, can you give me some clarity on Row 26? I'm a little confused.

  17. I am a little confused on row 26. Are you [ch5,picot in 3rd ch of previous row's ch5] 5xs before turning?

  18. Any update on how much yarn you used so people can make sure they have enough?

    1. I just finished and it was about 8oz of yarn. i used Yarn Bee from Hobby Lobby. I bought 3 bundles. i only used a little bit of the third one or the finishing touches on the neckline and shoulders


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