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Color Pop Granny Blanket Free Pattern

Color Pop Granny Blanket Free Pattern

By AnnooCrochet Designs

granny square is a piece of square fabric produced in crochet by working in rounds from the center outward. Granny squares are traditionally handmade. They resemble coarse lace. Although there is no theoretical limit to the maximum size of a granny square, crocheters usually create multiple small squares (called "motifs") and assemble the pieces to make clothingpursesAfghan blankets, and other household textiles.
Granny square apparel is a cyclical fashion that peaked in the 1970s. As Stitch 'n Bitch series author Debbie Stoller describes:
If you grew up in the seventies, as I did, you might fear the granny square--if only because, for a while, clothing was made of nothing else. Granny square vests, granny square shorts, granny square hats. Heck, I bet there was some kid out there who was forced to go to school wearing granny square underwear.[1]
Although particular color and pattern schemes for granny squares change with time, this class of motif is a staple among crocheters. Multicolor granny squares are an effective way to use up small amounts of yarn left over from other projects and basic granny square motifs do not require advanced skills to execute.[2]

Here is the classic Granny Pattern:

You will need:
Crochet Hook 3.25mm
Cascade Pima Ultra in Taupe for the base and all the other color of the rainbow....
Tapestry Needle

Ch: Chain
Sl st: slip stich
sk st: skip st
Sc: single Crochet
Dc: double Crochet


Round 1: WithTurquoise Color yarn, in a magic ring, ch3, 2dc, ch1, [3dc, ch1 3dc] 3 more time. Join with a sl st to ch3 Fasten off

Round 2: With taupe color yarn, [in any of round one ch1 sp, 3dc, ch1, 3dc] 4 times join with a sl st to first dc

Round 3: With Blue Color Yarn, ch3 in any of the corner ch1 sp from previous round. 2dc, ch1, 3dc, [in next ch2 sp from previous round 3dc, in next corner st ch1 sp from previous round 3dc, ch1, 3dc,] 3 times, join with first ch3

Round 4:   ch3 in any of the corner ch1 sp from previous round. 2dc, ch1, 3dc, [(in next ch2 sp from previous round 3dc) twice, in next corner st ch1 sp from previous round 3dc, ch1, 3dc,] 3 times, join with first ch3 fasten off

For now I have made 3 squares of each color I chose. Making it 51 Granny squares.

To assemble, put your squares right  side facing each other, begin with your taupe yarn and  a sl st in any corner middle ch st

Sl st all along matching the stitches from both side and only picking up the back loop of the square facing you, and the back loop of the second square as well.

The seem should look like so
choose two more Grannies, and proceed sl st along them the same way.

The seem looks like so from the front

And should like like this for the back

Comtinue adding grannies two by two until you have your desired hight.
Place them the way you like before assembling to avoid having the same color too close to each other.

I am  making a baby blanket, so I am using rows of 5 grannies for now.

Next Stage is to add a Granny at a time continuing to create rows of 6 grannies. we will work the horizontal seams last

Now, time to assemble it the same way, but all across horizontally

Here we Go...Time to Brain storm about the edge...

Blanket's Border:

Round 1-2: With Taupe Color, sc all around the blanket, to even out your work and create a frame around all your squares.

Round 3: sl st in any st, ch3,[sk sc, dc, dc in skipped sc] all around, with 3 dc in corner st.

Round 4: dc all around, with 3dc in the corner stitches.
Round 5: 3sc, (sk 2 st, in next st [3dc, ch3, 3dc] sk next 2 st, 5sc) repeat all around

Round 6: 3sc, [ch2, 7dc in the ch3 from round 5, ch2, 5sc] repeat all around

Round 7: 3sc, 2sc in ch2 space from Round 6, [3sc, [sc ch3 sc] in next st, 3sc, 2sc in ch2 from Round 6, sk 2, 5dc in next st, sk 2, ] all around

Voila!!! It is done!!! I am quiet pleased with the result.
I hope you will be too!
Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!!

Please mention the source if you find yourself in a sharing mood ;-)))
Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!! 

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo


  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is nice! Thank you for sharing!

  3. This blanket is really good,im following your pattern and making it with odds and ends.Thanks for sharing x

  4. Beautiful border! Thank you:-)

  5. I LOVE it. Making cushion covers with frilly edges. Many thanks

    1. You are so very welcome!!!!!Happy Crochet!!!<3

  6. I came to this site for the edging and it's just beautiful, thanks. I think I'll make a blanket like yours next time.

  7. thank you so much for posting this beautiful pattern. i am a fairly new crochet and would love to try and make a blanket like this one. your instructions are so good, i might actually be able to do it! i was wondering approximately how many balls i should buy for my outside color. i really have no idea if i need 5, 10 or more.


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