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Ridged RipplesHandbag Free Pattern

Ridged Ripples Handbag Free Pattern

By AnnooCrochet Designs

I created This Bag with the Modern Independent Woman in mind,  I chose a Burnt Orange Color That will be noticed to make it Sassy, It is large Enough to contain phone, make up bag, books etc  therefore extremely Practical. The Big Wooden handle  are reinforced by the way it is crocheted all along the borders. I thought to add a link to a video tutorial I made for the making of the handles. Once you master it, the possibilities are endless in your bag creating world. oh, and one more thing, This specific yarn I used in this pattern is very affordable, with a great choice of colors.

I will Line This beauty with a trendy fabric and post pics while it is completely done. In the mean time, get to work fellow Crochet artists!!!

You will need

Sugar 'N Cream Yarn: (50520) Earthy Orange  Cotton
Sugar 'N Cream Yarn:(20533) Barnboard Twists
Hook Size: 4:00 mm
Tapestry Needle
Large  Circular style handles, I chose Wooden one, but any Large one will do.

Stitches used:

Ch: chain
hdc: half double crochet
Dc: double crochet
Fpdc:  Front Post Double crochet Tutorial
Sk: skip

Chain 93,  extra 2ch (that counts as your first dc) do not pay attention to the number of stitches in the pics as it is just to show you how to proceed

Row 1: dc in 3rd ch from hook,

 [in next ch 2dc] twice,

*[ sk ch, dc] 5 times, sk ch, [in next st 2dc] 6 times*, repeat from * to * 4 more times

 ending with 2dc in last ch. turn

Row 2: fpdc all along, turn (94 dc)

Row 3: ch2 (counts as first dc),dc in first dc, [in next st 2dc] twice, [sk ch, dc] 5 times, sk ch, [in next st 2dc] 6 times, sk ch, in next ch 2dc end with 2dc in last ch. turn

Repeat rows 2 and 3 , 13 times.

Creating your rectangle's Frame:

It is time to take care of these ripples and make a straight frame for your handbag to be rectangular, and not squiggly.
Row 1: ch2, 6dc, 3hdc, 6sl st, [3hdc, 5dc, 3hdc, 6sl st ] repeat times

When you reach the corner, do not fasten off, make 3sc in the corner st, creating a 90 degree angle, and continue to pick up 3 st per row, and sc all along the side of your rectangle.

You will continue in the same way, along all the sides, creating your corners, and straightening your frame.

Row 2-3: Sc  around your rectangle making sure not to forget to make 3sc  in corner stitches of your for corners. Fasten off

Row 3-6:With BarnBoard Color Yarn continue to sc all around, making sure not to forget to make 3sc  in corner stitches of your for corners.

Folding your work in half, wrong side facing you, open side at the top.

With your crochet, and the Barnboard Yarn  sl st along the  left side creating the sides of your handbag. Fasten off

Repeat  sl st border on the ride side

sew in loose tails making sure you sew them in the wrong side of your work.
turn your work to the right side again , place it in front of you, with the opening at the top.

Take your handle, place it centered above the back side of your bag, now the wrong side of the back side of your back should be facing you....following me?

sk the first 5 st of the right  of your handle, you will sc around your handle and the back side of your work.

 Now the next part is tricky, but you need to get it right if you want to have handbags that are stylish and sturdy at the same time. I posted a video tutorial as well, as I am a visual learner, I thought it would be much easier to explain it this is the link:Handbag Handle Crochet Video Tutorial

Continue until you reach the last five st of your back side, 5sc, continue with 5sc on the other side

Place your work, so the second handle in on the work station , you are working with the back wrong side of  your work facing you.

 Proceed in the same way as your first handle.

when reaching the last 5 st of your row, make 10 sc and  when reaching your first handle, fasten off!!! in the lose tails....and admire your new Handbag!!!
I am going to ask my mother in law to line it for me...I know just enough sewing to be dangerous, and she is amazing at it. Here is a pic of the Fabric I chose.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, as I am very friendly and love constructive criticism, (as well as just hearing from you all ;-) )

Please mention the source if you find yourself in a sharing mood ;-)))
Happy Crochet my fellow artists!!!! 

All Images and texts are Copyright of AnnooCrochet Designs, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share but please do not forget to mention your source.Thank you xoxoxoxo


  1. Beautiful bag and a great tutorial, I especially like how you crochet on the handles.

  2. This bag is beautiful AND easy to line! Thank you for sharing this pattern for free! I have a question though. The pattern says to ch 93. Then in row one the way I am reading it I should be doing 5 total pattern repeats after the beginning stitches. However, 93 stitches doesn't seem to be enough and I can only get 4 total pattern repeats and three left over ch at the end. Am I missing something?

    1. Never mind. I was skipping to many stitches! Good thing I was only on the second row! LOL

  3. Beautiful. Thankyou for sharing. 'll shop for materials and post a picture when I do this.

  4. I cannot get this to work! Row 1 I chain 93, dc in third chain, increase in next 2 chains, skip ch-dc for 5, skip ch-6 inc-skip ch, repeat until end of row. But I end up with 3 extra chains at the end of row 1. What am I doing wrong?


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