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Blooming flower Cushion Free Pattern

Blooming Flower Cushion Free Pattern:

By AnnooCrochet Designs

This is one of My favorite Pattern to make....there is something so calming about watching the flower petals appear magically as you crochet one row after the other.... I love making cushions from this pattern, but As you can see in  my Water Lilly Granny Pattern  it works beautifully...

You will need:

Hook size 3:25 mm
Dungarease Cotton yarn in 3 different colors, I used Pink, Taupe and Cream
Tapestry Needle
4 by 12 Pillow insert

Stitches used in this work:

Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
Dc: double crochet
Tr: trebble
Sl st: slip stitch

Begin by making a magic ring.

Round 1: with Taupe Color, ch3, make 15 dc in your ring,

 join with a sl st in 3rd ch made at the beginning of the row

Round 2: work in front loop only, [3sc, 5dc in next st] all around, you have 4 petals.sl in first sc Fasten off

Round3:  With Green yarn, In back loops from Round 2, from the back middle of any petals from round 2, 

 2dc in each st all around, sl st in first dc.

Round 4:work as round 2 (you have 8 petals) fasten off

Round 5: In back loops only from round 4,  with Taupe color, from the back middle of any petals from round 4,

 dc in each st all around.

Round 6: work as round 2 (you have 13 petals) Fasten off

Round 7:  with yellow color, in back loops only, from the back middle of any petals from round 6, [2dc in next st, 2dc] all around 

Round 8: work as round 2 fasten off

Round 9: In back loops only from round 8

, dc in each st all around.

Round 10: work as round 2 fasten off

Round 11:in back loops only, [2dc in next st, 3dc] all around 
(Continue in this pattern, alternating petals row and dc rows, and adding a dc every other dc row.)
so it will be:
Round 13: dc all around
Round 15[2dc in next st, 4dc] all around
Round 17: dc all around
Round 19:  [2dc in next st, 5dc] all around 
Until Round 28 for the pillow we are making. (116st)Fasten off

Take your Pillow Insert

Your Blooming flower should be fitting right on top of your pillow reaching the middle seam

Back side:

Round 1:with your light green yarn, in a magic ring, ch3, 15dc, sl to join in first ch3

Round 2: ch3, 2dc in each st, all around (32dc)
Round 3: ch3 [2dc in next st, dc] all around
Round 4:ch3 [2dc in next st, 2dc] all around
Round 5: ch3[2dc in next st, 3dc] all around
Round 6:  ch3,dc all around
Round 7: ch3[2dc in next st, 4dc] all around

Round 8: ch3[2dc in next st, 5dc] all around
Round 9: ch3 dc all around
Round 10: ch3, [2dc in next st, 6dc] all around
Round 11: ch3, dc all around
Round 12:  ch3, [2dc in next st, 7dc] all around (142 dc) Do not fasten off

Take both of your sides and lace them right side facing each other,

 sc all around skipping at from back side every 6th stitches

When you have 30 stitches left on your back side, do not fasten off,

 sew ain all loose tails, and turn your work back to the right side

place the pillow inside 

and sl st all around the left stitches skipping every 5th st from the back side.

Fasten off sew lose tail in.

Voila!! You are done..You  Just made a Gorgeous Blooming Flower Cushion!!

Happy Crochet my fellow artists



  2. Too bad you didnt mention its not your own pattern. Its Attic24's

  3. It's not Attic24's pattern. Lucy clearly states on her blog that she didn't create the pattern, but used someone else's idea to create her version of it. Certainly, Lucy is not the only person who can come up with a pattern or adapt an idea. You only need to check the Ravelry database to see countless interpretations on every idea. And as someone who has made Attic24's Blooming Flower cushion, I can assure that there are differences in how the patterns are worked. The sequence to form the petals are totally different, as are the ways the petals are formed. So, maybe, you might consider checking your facts before firing off accusations.

    Annoo, I saw this pattern on Ravelry today and came to your blog to check it out, precicely because it looks so much like Lucy's. Your pattern is great and I love your color combination. I hope the assinine comment before mine won't put you off sharing your creations.

  4. Annoo...beautiful flower cushion. I've made 2 cushions using Attic24's pattern and I need to make 3 more. I am definitely going to make the next one using your pattern version. I love the idea of trying a different pattern, but still ending up with the cushion. I hope you don't mind if I use the same color combination as you did. I have the hardest time putting colors together and I love the ones you used.

  5. Debbie, I would be honored if you chose the same color Combination, I am so glad I could help..Happy Crochet ;-)

  6. where is the half trebble used?


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