Friday, February 22, 2013

Free iPad Cover Pattern

Ipad 2 Cover Free Pattern

By AnnooCrochet Designs

I needed protection for my new ipad2, and thought that the beach grannies  pattern that I posted a few days ago would be just perfect for it.
The Gorgeous Ocean inspired me to use this beautiful blue ( as well as the fact that this is the yarn I had put in my suitcase!!!:-)) I still need to line it and to find a perfect button, I will go shell hunting tomorrow ...maybe using one as a button....mmmm the possibilities...

Using the Beach Classic Free Granny pattern,
make 12 Grannies, I chose to alternate colors, but the choice is all yours of course.
Arrange your grannies by 6 as you see in the picture above,
I used Blue Yarn to Join my grannies using a sc, and beginning at the corner middle ch of both grannies,  that I have placed back to back. (for you to see it clearly I used white yarn on this pic)

Join your Grannies together two by two horizontally, fasten off.
Repeat once more, you will  have them all attached .

Now repeat the same process vertically all along going up the 3 grannies

Do not fasten off,


Round 1-7: Continue to sc along the all 4 sides of your rectangle. Make sure that at every ch1 sp of each corner, you crochet 3sc in the ch space, defining the shape of your rectangle.

Row 8: when you reach the upper left corner of your rectangle continue in back loop only and turn as you reach the end of the long side, you will no longer work in the round, turn

Row 9-11: ch1, sc all along, turn
Do not fasten off put both sides of your cover back to back with the one you just worked on in the back.

Row 12: in back loop of front piece and front loop of back piece, sc all along fasten off

Repeat rows 8-12: sl st in the upper corner st of your work
Fasten off.
You just created what looks like a  pocket.

with your pocket facing you and the open part up, sl st on the upper right side and ch1, 22sc, ch 16,

 sk the next 6st,sc in next , sc along the 16ch you just made going back to the 22th sc,
 sl st in in 22th sc,

now continue your row with sc all around the cover upper sides. join with a sl st to your first sc.
Sew all lose tails in, sew a button on the side opposite to the loop you created.
I will line the inside of my iPad cover  with cream fleece Once I am back home, I could not bring all my material with me on vacation...what a pity!!!
The fleece will protect your iPad, and clean it at the same time.

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