Saturday, January 5, 2013

Valentine Hearts Sachet, Free Pattern

Valentines Heart Sachet Free Pattern

By AnnooCrochet Designs

This makes a lovely Valentines gift to be kept in a Closet and add a beautiful Fragrance to any wardrobe, or just as a home decor Touch.
I for myself,  have a basket of Rose Buds hearts on my living room table...What will you do with yours?


I used Bernat Super value Rouge for this Tutorial,
 but for the Turquoise hearts on the picture I used Ice Yarn Chain Metallic silver yarn Blue
Crochet hook : 3.5mm with Bernat, 
and 2.75mm  with Ice Blue Yarn
Tapestry needle 
Polyester fiberfill
Dried Lavender, or any plant that you like, to add a beautiful scent,  Rose Buds are lovely too!


Ch: chain
Sc :single crochet
Sc2 tog:single crochet 2 together SlstSlip stitch
St(s): stitches


Heart top (make 2)
With Red yarn
Round1 :ch2 and 6 sc in the second ch from your hook(6sc)
Round 2 2sc in each st  all around  (12sc)
Round 3 [ 2sc in next st, sc ] 6 times (18sc)

 Round 4 [ 2sc in next st, 2sc ] 6 times (24sc)
Round 5 sc all around (24sc)
Round 6 [ 2sc in next st, 3sc ] 6 times (30sc)
For the first one fasten off, for the second one do not fasten off

Round 7:Join both tops by slip stitching 6 st from the back loop of both tops , joining them together. 

Continue through 24 sc off one side, then continue through the 24sc of the other side, total of 48 sc all around

Round 8 [sc2tog, 3sc] all around  (36sc) 
Round 9 Sc all around (36sc)
Round 10 [sc2tog, 2sc ]all around (30sc) 
Round 11 sc all around (30sc)
Round 12 [sc2tog, sc]all around (18sc)

Round 13 sc all around ( 18sc) 
Stuff with half Polyfill and half  Dry Lavender flowers  or Rose Buds.
Round 14 [sc2tog, sc ] all around(14sc) 
Round 15 sc all around ( 14sc)
Round 16 [sc2tog, sc ] until last st.

Voila, I hope you will  enjoy this free pattern,
Happy Valentines To all My Fellow Crochet lovers!!!
Enjoy, Use many different yarns, make unique hearts, explore, create, and feel free to send me pics of your amazing creations 


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