Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Crochet Christmas Ornament Garland Pattern

Free Crochet Ornament Garland Pattern

By AnnooCrochet Designs

Did you Know that up until the mid-1950's, most specialized Christmas Ornaments were made in Germany and shipped to North America and the rest of Europe ? Not anymore!!!!How things have changed !!!!;-))))

You will Need:

Crochet Hook 3.25mm and 2.75mm
Berrocco Comfort Dk sport Weight Yarn in Green

Vanna's Glamour in Platinum Color
Tapestry Needle

This pattern is Crocheted in the round.

Round 1: ch2, 6sc in second ch (6sc)

Round 2: (sc, 2sc in next st) all around (9sc)
Round 3: (sc, 2sc in next st) all around(13sc)
Put a marker, I use scraps of other color yarn to know where my row begins and ends.

Round 4-5: sc all along (13sc)
Round 6: (2sc, 2sc in next st)all around (17 sc)

Round 7: sc all around (17sc)
Round 8: (2sc, 2sc in next st) (22 sc)

Round 9: (2sc, 2sc in next st) (30 sc)
Round 10-12:sc all around (30sc)
Round 13: (3sc, sc2tog) (24sc)
Round 14: sc all around (24sc)
Round 15: (2sc sc2tog) all around (18sc)
Round 16: sc all around (18sc)
Stuff firmly with Polyfill

Round 17: (sc, sc2tog))(12sc)
Round 18: sc all around (12sc)
Round 19 -24 : change to greay yarn ad sc all around (12sc)

Round 25: in back loops only, (2sc, sc2tog) all around (8sc)

Round 26: sc, sc2tog till you have st 3st fasten off leaving a tail to sew the end together.

Fot the Garland take your 3,23 mm hook and your platinum yarn, ch5, sl st in first ch to form a loop ,

comtinue by making 18ch, then sc crochet to the loop of your first Ornament,

 ch 18, sc through the loop of your second Ornament, ch 18, sc into your third Ornament, ch 18, ch5 more and sl st at the the 1st of the 5th ch to form your second loop.
Voila, you can of course make your garland as long or short as you wish!!! Happy Crochet from AnnooCrochet Designs


  1. This idea is fantastic!!!!

  2. Thank you.... very nice ornament.

  3. I love this garland but when following pattern from round 8 to 9 I am only getting 29 stitches.

    1. I am having the same problem. Is there something we are doing wrong?

    2. Hi there...recheck that you are doing your increase 8 times on round 8, therefore adding 6 st .
      you will go from 22 st to 30.
      Happy Crochet.

  4. Hi there
    I'm having ecactly the same problem, with 29 stitch in round 9. , you can't have 30 from 22 with added 6 stitches , when you have to Add 8 ??
    Kind regards


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