Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dreidel Free Crochet Pattern

You will need:
Hook size 2.75mm
Blue yarn Berrocco Comfort Dk in blue
scraps of silver yarn
Tapestry needle

Dreidel Body:
Round 1:make a magic ring, 8sc in the ring
Round 2: in back loop only, [sc, 3sc in next st all around] (16sc)
Round 3: ch1, [2sc, 3sc in next st] all around (24sc)
Round 4: ch1, in back loop only sc all around (24sc)
Round 5-10: ch1 sc all around (24sc)
Round 6: ch1, [2sc, sc2tog,2sc]4 times (20sc)
Round 7:ch1 sc all around (20sc)
Round 8: ch1,[ 2sc, sc2tog, sc] 4 times (16sc)
Round 9: ch1, [2sc, sc2tog, sc] 4 times (12sc)
Fill with polyfill, stuff firmly
Round 10: ch1, (sc sc2tog) 4 times (8sc)
Round 11: ch1, (sc2tog) all around (4sc)
Fasten off

For stem:
in a magic loop, ch1, 4sc
Round 1 to 6 sc (4sc)
fasten off

With Tapestry needle, and silver yarn, sew the letters on each side

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