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Crochet Hanger Free Pattern.

Crochet Hanger Free Pattern by AnnooCrochet Designs

Some historians believe President Thomas Jefferson invented a forerunner[1] of the wooden clothes hanger.[citation needed] However, today's most used hanger, the shoulder-shaped wire hanger, was inspired by a coat hook that was invented in 1869 by O. A. North of New Britain, Connecticut.[citation needed] An employee of the Timberlake Wire and Novelty Company, Albert J. Parkhouse of Jackson, Michigan has also been credited with the invention.[citation needed], as has Christopher Cann in 1876 as an engineering student at Boston University.

Hand Made gifts are so much more personal. A crafty gift shows to the person at the receiving end, that you really care enough about them to spend time creating something special and unique, as unique as they are for you....
This project is easy and quick, so get to work!!!!Happy Crochet

You will need:
Hook size 3.50 mm and 3.25 mm
Tapestry needle
Berroco Comfort in orange, green and yellow
A Wooden Coat Hanger.

Stitches used in this Pattern:
ch: chain
sl st: slip stitch
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
inc: increase
dc2tog: decrease
sk: skip
see youtube for  basic stitches tutorial

Basic Hanger Cover

With hook size 3.50 mm. and orange yarn Color, Ch 16,

Row 1:in the 4th ch from hook dc, and dc till the end of the row, turn (12dc)

Row 2 -19 : ch3, 11 dc (12 dc)

Row 20: ch3, dc inc, 4dc, dc inc, 3dc, dc inc, dc (15dc)
Row 21: ch3 6dc, dcinc, 7dc (16dc)
Row22: ch3, 6dc. dcinc,dc dc inc , 6dc (18dc)

Row 23-26: ch3, 18dc (18dc)
Row 27: ch3, 4dc, 2dctog,5dc, 2dctog, 5dc (16dc)
Row 28: ch3, 4dc, 2dctog, 3dc, 2dctog, 5dc (14dc)
Row 29: ch3, dc2tog, 8dc, dc2tog, dc (12dc)
Row 30-47: dc (12dc)

put the hanger cover on the hanger passing the head through the middle and folding in half

Sl st all along the bottom to close.

Sew the sides up with your tapestry needle.

With Green color and 3.25 mm hook, sl st to the first sl st you just made,

[sk next sl st, 6dc in next st, sk st, sl st] all along creating a scallop edge Fasten off.

on every other scallop, sl st in the 3rd dc with yellow color, [ch6 sl st at base st,] 3 times creating a flower.

Flower : (picture tutorial to come)

in this flower pattern the tr is done not pulling the last loop through, then pulling yarn through 3 loops left on the hook, closing it with the first of the 4ch following.  forming a little petal cluster

With yellow Color yarn, in a magic ring, [ch 3, 2 tr, 4ch, sl st in ring ] 5 times fasten off.


  1. Superbe ! et en plus j'adore le orange !
    Amicalement. Mon blog s'appelle "esprit de flo". Bienvenue si vous venez me visiter...


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