Monday, November 12, 2012

Free Pattern Mr Pear

You will need:

Polyfill for stuffing
Tapestry Needle
 Worsted Weight Yarn  I used Caron Super saver, in Green and a tiny bit of Brown( for stem) and red (for Lips)
3.75mm crochet hook
A pair of Snap-on Eyes

you will be working in the round.

Round 1: In a magic ring 6sc, join with slip st (6sc)
Round 2: [inc] all around (12sc)
Round 3: [sc, inc] all around (18sc)
Round 4: [2sc, inc] all around (24sc)
Round 5: [3sc, inc] all around (30sc)
Round 6:[4sc, inc] all around (36sc)
Round 7: [5sc, inc] all around (42sc)
Round 8-11: sc all around (42sc)
Round 12: [5sc, sc2tog] all around (36sc)
Round 13: sc all around] (36sc)
Round 14: [4sc, sc2tog] all around (30sc)
Round 15: [3sc, sc2tog] all around (24sc)
Round 16-18: sc all around (24sc)
Snap Eyes on at about 4 sc distance apart 
Round 19:[2sc, sc2tog] all around (18sc)
Round 20: sc all around (18sc)
Stuff firmly with polyfill
Round 21: [sc, sc2tog] all around (12sc)
Round 22: sc all around (12sc)
Round 23: sc2tog all around (6sc)
finish by adding some stuffing
Fasten off leaving a tail, and closing the 6 st together with tapestry needles


With Brown colored yarn and same size hook, Ch 8, sc in second ch from hook and in 6 other ch, (7sc) fasten off and attach at the top of the pear.
Sew a mouth with your tapestry needle.

Voila, You did it!!!!You just created your Mr Pear!!!

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