Saturday, November 10, 2012

Free Granny Flower Pattern

This is a beautiful Granny, so romantic and Shabby chic and versatile too!

Hook size: 3.5 mm US: E
Worsted weight yarn

Stitches used on this project are US stitches:

Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
dc double crochet
tr: treble
htr: half treble
Bpsc: back post single crochet.

( find tutorial for all the stitches on you tube)

Round 1 : With white creamy Yarn, ch 3, join to form a ring
Round 2: ch3, [(htr in ring) 3 times, close with a ch, then chain 3 more and sl st in ring] repeat 3 more times, forming 4 petals in total.
Please be mindful that the 3 htr are not finished to the end, and you end up with 4 st on your hook, yarn over all st, ch1 to close and 3ch with a sl st in the ring to close your petal completely.

Round 3:  [10 tr in the first ch on top of the htr of previous round , sc in the ring over the middle slp st beween petals] 4 times.

Round 4: Working behind the petals,  [ch 8, bpsc in the sc, between the petals of round 3] 4 times, you will have 4 chain loops. Fasten off

Round 5: Take Beige color yarn, ch 3 in any 8ch loops, holding the flower right side facing you, dc 9, dc10 in 3 other loops, you will have 40 dc. Fasten off

Round 6: With Blue Color yarn, sl st in any 5th  dc of round 5, sc in same sp and 2sc more in same sp, 9sc, [3sc in next st, 9sc]  3 times more, Fasten off

Voila, You just created a beautiful Granny Flower square, make blankets, handbags, coasters, ipad or phone covers, but most important of all Happy Crochet!!!!

Feel free to give me feed back and comments and share this pattern away.
AnnooCrochet Designs


  1. I love this new granny! Hope you won't mind me linking up tomorrow at Tangled Happy. I think our readers will love it it too! :)


  3. This is soooooo cute! Going to get started right away!!! love your blog. Heloise @daisies and dragonflies

  4. Thank you all!!!!!! Glad you like it!!!<3 More to come!!!!;-)

  5. I have been trying to make it...And it's wonderfull granny ..... Thank you so much....
    What i do not really understand is the second round to make the petal...first 3 chains, then 3 htr in ring,then to close it with a chain, then 3 more chain and closing with a slip stich in ring??????. Because it gets to opened , it does?t not seem the same petal.....
    Could you please explain me????. Thanks in advanced

  6. Silvia you are right, I forgot to mention that when you do the 3 htr, you leave the last stitches of your htr on the hook not finishing completely your treble, you end up with 4 stitches on your hook, then you yarn over and pull through all the stitches on your loop ch1, ch3 sl st in your ring. therefore closing your petal.Let me add this on my pattern!!!! I hope this helps!!!!

  7. Thank ou so much!!!: It helps a lot!!!.
    I have already made 8 grannies...It's great...If you leave your e-mail i can send you some pictures....Thanks again!!!

  8. Would love to see pics ;-)

  9. Is the hook size correct? 3.5mm is E-us and 5.5mm is H-us. I do like your granny, looks very soft and feminine. Thank you.

    1. OOps....Definitely E then...going to fix it right now!!! Thank you!!!!


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