Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free Pattern Blue Angry Bird

            Before you begin….

·     Skill Level: Easy 
·      Yarn: Red heart Super saver Light Periwinkle, Soft white, Wine
·      (worsted weight), acrylic
       Polyfill stuffing
  Crochet Hook: Size F- (3.50 mm)
·      Tapestry needle
      Safety eyes ( mm) 
·      Finished size: Approximately  5 inches tall
·      Gauge: Not essential for project
·      Abbreviations:
·      ch chain
·      sc single crochet
·      sc2tog single crochet 2 stitches together
·      sl st slip stitch
·      st(s) stitch(es)

    Blue Bird’s body
    With Light Periwinkle yarn
   Round 1  ch 2 and sc 6 in the second ch (6sc)
   Round 2 2sc in each st around (12sc)
  Round 3 [ 2sc in net st, sc in next st]  (18sc)
  Round 4 in Back loops only sc all around (18sc)
 Round 5  [ 2sc in next, sc in next st] (24sc)
  Round 6 [ 2sc in next, sc in  3 next st] (30sc)
  Round 7 [2sc in next, sc in 4 next st] (36sc)
  Round 8 [ 2sc in net st, sc in 5 next st]  (42sc)
  Round 9  [ 2sc in next, sc in 6next st] (48sc)
  Round 10 to 14 sc all around
  Round 15  [sc2tog, sc in next 6 st]  (42sc)
  Round 16 [sc2tog, sc in next 5 st] (36sc)
  Round 17 [sc2tog, sc in next 4 st]  (30sc)
  Round 18 [sc2tog, sc in next 3 st] (24sc)
  Filll the body bottom with a cup of dried beans for stability
   Round 19 [sc2tog, sc in next 2 st]  (18sc)
  Stuff firmly now with Polyfill
  Round 20 [sc2tog, sc in next  st] (12sc)
  Round 21 sc all around (12sc)
  Round 22 sc2tog all around to close the whole
  Fasten off

  Eyes (make 2)
     With soft white yarn
  Row 1 ch 8, sc in second ch from hook, and in 6 next ch ch1 turn (7sc)
  Row 2 , sc2tog, sc3 sc2tog(5sc)
  Row3 , sc2 tog ,sc, sc2tog (3sc)
  Row 4  sc2tog fasten off

  Slip stitch with white yarn at the bottom right of your work
  Row 5 Sc 10 times around the top ch1 turn(10sc)

  Row 6 sc 5 sc2 in next st, sc 6 ch1 turn(12sc)
  Row 7 sc 6 sc2 in next sc   sc 6 (14sc)
  Fasten off

  Row 1Ch 2, sc 4 in sc ch from hook(4sc)
  Row 2 2sc in next st, 3sc(5sc)

  Row 3 2sc in next st, 4sc(6sc)
  Row 4 2sc in next, 5 sc (7sc)
  Row 5 2sc in next, 6sc (8sc)
  Row 6 2sc in next, 7sc (9sc)
  Row 7 2sc in next, 8sc (10sc)
  Row 8 2sc in next, 9sc(11sc)
  Row 9 2sc in next 10 sc (12sc)
  Fasten off
  Attach safety eyes to the middle of the white work
  Under eyes(make 2)
  Using Wine color
  Row1 ch 11, sc in second ch from hook and in 9 st ch1, turm (10sc)
  Row 2 sc2tog, sc 6, sc2tog (8sc)
  Row 3 sc2 tog, sc 4 sc2 tog (5sc)
  Fasten off
  Head feathers (make 2 )
  Round 1 Ch 2, sc 4 in sc ch from hook(4sc)
  Round 2  2sc in next st, 3sc(7sc)
  Round 3 to 9sc all around( 7sc)

  Tail feathers
  Row 1 Ch 8, in sc ch from hook and in 6ch sc  (7sc)
  Row 2 sc 1 in base, ch 8, sc down the chain 6 times , sc in base
  Row 3 ch 8 sc in second ch from hook, and in 6 sc down the chain and 1sc in the base

     Sew the eyes on the body
  Attach the safety eyes on the white part of the eyes
  Sew the under eyes under the white part
  Sew the beak
  Sew the head feathers
  Sew the tail feathers

   Voila Enjoy you new blue Angry bird
        If you have any questions or comments
Find me on instagram #annoocrochet
     Pinterest: Annoo Crochet

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