Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flower Free Pattern

Flower Pattern 

Using turquoise yarn ch 8 and join with a sl st
Round 1 Ch 6 [1dc into ring, ch 3] 7 times, join with sl stint 3rd of ch3
Break off turquoise yarn
Round 2 Join beige yarn to any of the ch3 sp, [1sc, ch2, 3dc,ch2,1sc] into same sp * [1sc, ch2,3dc,ch2,1sc[ into next ch3 sp* rep from * 7 times
Round 3 [ch 5 , working behind petals, sk 1 petal, 1sc into top of next sc of round 1] repeat all around
Do not join
Round 4 [1sc,ch2,5dc,ch2,1sc]rep to form 8 petals
Round 5 ch7, working behind petals, sk 1 petal, 1sc into next sc of round 3] repeat all around
Do not join
Round 6 [1sc, ch2,5dc,ch2,1sc] into next ch loop]all around join with sl st break off

Voila you made yourself a beautiful Flower
Happy Crochet


  1. What a great flower!! Thank you so much for posting this pattern. It's exactly what I was looking for.

  2. I love this flower. Any chance you could post the directions in a different font? It's difficult to read. Thanks!

  3. I really love the way this flower looks. what size hook did you use? and what is the approximate size of the flower?

    1. Oops I should have given you this information, shouldn't I, This was one of my first Pattern to be posted on my blog…I Used a 3.25 mm hook and I would say the flower measures about 3 to 4 inches…Happy Crochet!


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