Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monterey's Safari

Giffy The Giraffe was born on a flight from Boston to San Francisco, I was sitting next to my husband, with my crochet, observing the two flight attendants going through the motions, There was barely any eye contacts and very little emotions shared, ok to be perfectly honest, the "Crankyness levometer" was very high….tough job really to be a flight attendant. Seriously….I can not imagine having to deal with all the specimens that our human kaleidoscope has to offer. I have barely enough patience for my family and my friends on any given day….
It took about an hour for my Giffy to take form…it turned into this adorable orange thing that no one, I say no one can resist to….Needless to say that the flights attendants and I became best friends by the end of my Crochet flight….the Miracle of a simple crochet hook, and some yarn….it brings a smile to even the crabbiest of us…. 

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